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Terms and conditions

Cancellations …
unpleasant for both guest and host

  • A guest accommodation contract shall be regarded as having been concluded as soon as rooms have been reserved and reservations confirmed.
  • The conclusion of the guest accomodation contract binds both parties to fulfil the commitments resulting from the contract for the entire duration of the contract.
  • The host is obliged to perform compensation by non-supply of the reserved room to the guest.
  • If the guest does not use the accommodation covered by the contract, he or she is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price less the outlay that the landlord saves due to the absence of the guest.
  • Following the recommendations of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association, the savings are 20 % of the price of an overnight stay for one night including breakfast.
  • The host undertakes in good faith to let the unused room to another guest if possible, in order to avoid financial loss.
  • The place of jurisdiction is the operating location of Füssen.
  • Our guest house is a no-smoking house. This means that smoking is not allowed in all rooms nor on the balconies.
  • Pets are not allowed.










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